1. The Raffle draw is open to all Bonafide, active and duly registered Members, Assignees, Dependents and Associate Members of Makati Sports Club, Inc.  All duly registered Members’, Assignees’, Dependents’ and Associate Members’ friends, relatives and referrals are allowed to join the raffle draw.
  2. Ticket numbers will be used to announce the winners.
  3. A raffle (lottery) drum (tambiolo) will be used for the raffle draw. Four (4) raffle drums (tambiolos) will be used to determine the winner of each prize (each tambiolo will draw a number until a series is completed e.g. ticket number 1021). A widescreen will also be placed in front to show and announce the names of the winners.
  4. A raffle ticket with serial number will be given to the participants. The raffle draw will be witnessed/observed/conducted by RG Manabat and company/KPMG, the club’s external auditor.
  5. Members will not be assessed. Nonetheless, two (2) tickets will be sent to them and they have the option to return it. Deadline will be on May 15, 2023.
  6. Tickets will be sold at Php 2,000.00 Non-members can also buy ticket/s worth Php 2,000.00 each. Ticket for the raffle draw will also include a lunch buffet.
  7. A member, nominee, assignee, dependent, and associate member including non-membersare entitled to buy as many tickets as he or she wants.
  8. Participants who purchased only one (1) ticket can win only once. Should a participant who has one (1) ticket wins twice, the prize which has higher in peso value will be given to him or her.
  9. Participants who purchased more than one ticket or several tickets can win many times depending on the number of tickets he or she has purchased and for as long as he or she was able to purchase the winning ticket.
  10. The Management will record and properly document each name of the member, nominee, assignee, dependent, and associate member, and non-members and the number of tickets which each member, nominee, assignee, dependent, associate member and non-members have purchased, and the ticket’s corresponding serial numbers for a more organized draw.
  11. All participants can win in the raffle whether they are physically present or not on the day of the draw.
  12. Prizes are non-transferable and non-negotiable.
  13. The decision of the Socials Committee on any issue or questions relative to the raffle draw is final and irrefutable.
  14. One (1) car–HONDA HR-Vwill be raffled as grand prize. Participants will also have a chance to win cash prizes.
  • Cash prizes to be given: (5)Fifty Thousand Pesos (Php 50,000.00) Total = Php 250,000.00
  1. All prizes exceeding Ten Thousand Pesos (Php 10,000.00) will have a 20% final tax and will be shouldered by the winner.