Gym Guidelines
September 7, 2020
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April 30, 2021

Gym / Swimming Combo Package


  1. This package is open to all MSCI members.
  2. Members can avail of the gym and swimming facilities for 30 days for a discounted rate.
  3. The package rate will be 900 pesos for 30 days duration. Members have the option to continue the package.
  4. Members who are interested to continue the combo package will have to enroll and pay again for another 30 days.
  5. Payment must be made upon enrollment.
  6. For inquiries and enrollment, members may opt to go or call the Sports Pavilion or the Membership Office at 8-8178731 locals 552, 117, or 447 or you may also email at to request for enrollment forms.
  7. Promo Package will start on September 21, 2020.